Other local Pay TV subscribers can subscribe to designated Packs and enjoy Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga at an average monthly fee of just $189# by presenting their monthly bill/statement from another pay TV operator within the last 3 months. Fill in below form now to register your offer!

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# For new customer or designated existing customer subscribing $238/month Super Sports Flexi Combo with 24months commitment (free 5months). Customer must provide a photocopy or e-bill of his / her monthly bill from another pay TV operator: (i) for the same installation address as that used for his Switching Offer Service Plan subscription; or (ii) addressed to the same customer name used for his Switching Offer Service Plan subscription. This bill must be issued not more than 3 months before the application for the Switching Offer Service Plan (Customer’s invoice is only required to show their name , address and date of bill, other sensitive information can be kept confidential). The promotion is valid for a limited period. Terms and conditions apply.
Now TV has the rights to broadcast all the La Liga matches in Hong Kong from 2015/2016 - 2017/2018 for three seasons. Bundesliga is provided by FOX Sports and the channel content is subject to change. For the live and broadcasting details for 2016/2017-2018/2019 seasons of the Premier League, according to our agreement with LeSports, Now TV will broadcast ALL the matches that are broadcast by LeSports on 10 dedicated channels, and availability of these channels are subject to coverage at customers' Now TV installation address. Details will be announced later. All match schedules and broadcasting channels are subject to the organizer's nal announcement. Now TV is provided by PCCW Media Limited and is available in designated areas only. Now TV is a registered trademark of the PCCW Group.
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