Oggy & The Cockroaches 第8季
OGGY would be the happiest of cats if the three cockroaches had decided to leave his home. But Joey, Dee Dee and Marky have no intention of ever leaving and they’re still determined to make Oggy’s life a misery. It is fast, crazy and hilarious…
語言 英語

第831集 Locked Outside

Oggy goes out to take out the garbage but just when he walks back in the house, he realises that the roaches have locked

第830集 Oggy's Grandma

Oggy is over excited: his grandma is coming to visit! The cockroaches are very happy as well: they are going to scare he

第829集 Oggy's Crab

Oggy gets home from the supermarket. The roaches take hold of his shopping cart. They open the treasure and find themsel

第828集 Fancy A Pizza?

Jack decides to start up a business: he becomes a pizzaiolo. Oggy's mission consists in delivering the pizzas. The roach

第827集 Hold-Up

Oggy has found a new job: he is now a warehouseman at the Banque de France. His job consists in unloading a truck full o

第826集 Surf's On

Oggy and Jack are on a heavenly beach to go surfing. Jack is a surf pro but Oggy gets swept away by the waves and runs a

第825集 Horse Ride

Oggy is in his garden when Jack shows up in his ATV, along with a famous jockey. Jack proudly shows to Oggy the jockey's

第824集 The Ancestor

Oggy is gardening peacefully when he suddenly falls into a hole and finds himself in a cave! Lost among several rock pai

第823集 The Mini-Golf War

Jack convinces Oggy to install a mini-golf in his garden. Jack is showing off with his professional player outfit, while