Barbie Dreamtopia
一起與Barbie最小的妹妹Chelsea在充滿彩虹、美人魚和仙女的魔幻國度Barbie Dreamtopia裡冒險。
語言 英語

第26集 The Tumblin' Tangleweed

A little organization helps you find what you’re looking for.

第25集 The Fancy Cheese Fiasco

Honesty is the best policy.

第24集 The Sweetville Parade

Don’t let a little rain ruin your parade.

第23集 Magical Gifts of the Forest

The best gifts come from the heart.

第22集 It’s Not Easy Being Clean

Chores get done easier with a good attitude.

第21集 A Sound in Sweetville

Be brave and face your fears.

第20集 The Magic Seeds

Bigger does not necessarily mean better.

第19集 Rainbow Cove Games

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

第18集 Sailing on a String

Don’t take advantage of a friend’s kindness.

第17集 Unicorn in the Clouds

Just because we see things differently, doesn’t mean someone is right and someone is wrong.

第16集 Glitter Ball Trouble

A little task can be bigger than it looks.

第15集 Bearable Barry

Accepting physical differences and being kind.

第14集 Forest Full of Friendship

Real friends are there for you.

第13集 Concert in the Clouds

A bold voice is powerful.

第12集 The Damaged Spellbook

It’s important to be good to books and not tear them.

第11集 A Winning Color Combination

Things are better when you combine efforts and work together.

第10集 The Wispy Forest Hairathalon

It’s ok to ask for help.

第9集 Four Times the Chelsea

The best part about friends is their differences.

第8集 The Lost Treasure of the Prism Princess

If you open your heart, there is room for everyone.

第7集 A Staticky Situation

Sometimes it’s best just to accept a situation and go with the flow.

第6集 A Mopple Mishap

If you don’t understand something that was said, ask a question to be sure.

第5集 The Sweetest Journey

Take time to enjoy things along the way.

第4集 Keep Looking ’Til You Find It

It’s good to stay calm when looking for a missing object.

第3集 The Gemonstrator

Things aren’t always what they seem.

第2集 The Supersonic Sparkling Lemonator

Good friends will always stand by you.

第1集 Building a Licorice Barn

It’s important to have patience.