Super Why 第三季
語言 英語

第23集 Woofster and the Pet Pack!

The Super Readers jump into Whyatt’s comic book.

第22集 The Princess Who Loved Mud

Pig doesn’t want to play the same as his brothers.

第21集 The Sheep Who Lost Little Bo Peep

Whyatt can’t find Wolfy anywhere.

第20集 Judith's Happy Hanukkah

Red invites us to celebrate Chanukah traditions.

第19集 Tilden the Caterpillar

Princess waits for a cocoon to become a butterfly.

第18集 Attack of More Man!

Red learns that more isn’t always better.

第17集 Mathis' Book of Why

Whyatt wants to know why he can’t find a rainbow.

第16集 The Three Bears Go Camping

Whyatt and his friends learn to compromise.

第15集 Landon's Circus Adventure

Princess is afraid to jump on the bouncy castle.

第14集 Monster Munch

Pig needs healthy snacks to regain his energy.

第5集 The Mixed Up Story

The words in Baby Joy’s book are scrambled.

第4集 The Rhyming Carnival

Red is frustrated while trying a new trick.

第3集 The Silly Word Play

The Super Readers have trouble flying a kite.

第2集 The Alphabet's Sad Day

Pig wants to help his brothers build a house.

第1集 The Story of the Super Readers

We learn how the Super Readers got their powers.

第13集 Super Puppy Saves the Day

Woofster wants to meet Super Puppy.

第12集 Where's Woofster?

What game does Woofster want to play?

第11集 The Pupp-athon

Woofster performs in the Talent Show.

第10集 The Unhappy Puppy

Woofster gets lonely when Whyatt goes to school.

第9集 The Cowgirl Mystery

Somebody took Whyatt’s new board game, but who?!

第8集 The Underwater Lost Treasure

Pig is missing the last piece of his puzzle.

第7集 The Banana Mystery

The lemons from Pig’s lemonade stand are gone!

第6集 Roxie's Missing Music Book

Whyatt’s new comic book has gone missing!