Zee News 是一個播放印度新聞和時事的頻道,提供突發新聞以及定期更新世界新聞。
日期及時間: 每日 9:30pm
In the current scenario, Viewers need current news in brief and fast manner. Fast N Facts a fast bulletin basis news show that presents current news from pan India at one go.
日期及時間: Mon-Fri: 11:30pm
DNA is a primetime programming presented by Channel Head Sudhir Chaudhary. DNA is India’s most loved news show. It gives daily dose of news along with in-depth research, it analyses important topics of the day.

The show summarises and brings out the various nuances of the events of the day. This analytic approach that delves into news pieces is a hit with the viewers. Viewers know the news but get the insights verbalised and presented in here.
日期及時間: Everyday: 7:30pm
Taal Thok Ke programme has been a more popular that does not sound screechy or unnecessarily loud and forceful. In fact, this is the show which brings to every household an informed issue with in-depth analysis, discussions, deliberation and aims at bringing about a solution at the closure of the programme. The show is presented by Rohit Sardana. We take an important issue of the day, invite guests from both aspects of the issue and take forward the issue to a tentative solution through a healthy discussion.
日期及時間: Everyday: 10:30pm
Taal Thok Ke Extra Strong is a discussion/debate based show in which important issues of the day is discussed. The show is again presented by Rohit Sardana.

Taal Thok Ke Extra Strong houses guests in the studio with direct interaction through phone-ins and on screen windows. The show brings in gravity and credibility through in-depth report and coverage of the issue, quick links and references, making it interesting, intriguing and very inclusive for the viewers.
日期及時間: Everyday: 9pm
Zee News has come up with a special programming, Aapki News focused on positive news only.

Aapki News brings the motivational stories/ news to the viewers in order to spread positivity in the society.




印度組合 2

印度組合 2

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