「TV5MONDE Style」為24小時法式生活與時尚藝術頻道,內容有四大主題:美食烹飪、居家生活、旅遊藝術、時尚品味等, 帶您近距離享受法語國家獨特的「French Touch」,原汁原味的法語節目配上全英文字幕,使不懂法語的觀眾也能輕鬆體會法式生活的美好。
日期及時間: 12月9日 (星期日) 9:15pm
Commentary: Stéphane Marie (France, 2016)

The programme starts back in Clemence’s garden. In this episode, our garderners learn about the albizia. They explore the relationship between florists and palaces and visit the garden of Brécy Castle.
Do you like DYI? Pick up some deco ideas with Carole.
日期及時間: 12月16日 (星期日) 5:25pm
Commentary: Stéphane Bern (France, 2018)

Which village will follow in the footsteps of Kaysersberg, the winner in 2017? For this 7th edition, 14 villages compete: 13 located in different regions of Metropolitan France and one in French Overseas Territories. For each one the focus will be on its heritage, gastronomy, crafts, sporting activities and conviviality.
日期及時間: 12月30日 (星期日) 6:20pm
導演: Sonia Medina (France, 2017)
Maison Molinard is based in Grasse. Tracing its history from 1849 to the present, we discover a story of family know-how handed down through the generations in the purest French tradition. Molinard is built on the complexity of its perfumes, the outstanding packagings and its pioneering spirit.






法語組合包括三條法語頻道:TV5MONDE Asie熱播精采 劇集、 熱門猛片、紀綠片及綜藝娛樂節目;TV5MONDE Style 內容有 美食烹飪、居家生活 、旅遊藝術 、時尚品味等,帶您近距離 享受法語國家獨特的「French Touch」; 而FRANCE24 則從法國 觀點 24時報道世界時事新聞資訊。 更多... 3 頻道