Food Network是以生活方式為主題的電視頻道,讓觀眾感受到食物的感染力和帶來的歡樂。由當地的名人主持、世界級廚師和烹飪專家介紹豐富的內容,致力講解烹飪知識,啟發及娛樂觀眾,讓觀眾掌握烹飪技巧。這是讓大眾信賴的電視頻道。Food Network提供不同的本地原創節目和國際節目,其內容包括烹飪比賽、美食體驗、烹飪教學和家庭娛樂。
日期及時間: 10月7日起, 逢星期六 9:00pm
The greatest title in the world of food is back! Seven of the hottest rising chefs from across America will face the most feared ingredients from around the globe, all while battling each other with every ounce of skill, strategy and stamina they possess. Each week, one will rise and one will fall until a single chef is left standing. This culinary gladiator will summon the courage to face the ultimate final battle: to beat three legendary Iron Chefs - Bobby Flay, Masaharu Morimoto and Michael Symon - in rapid succession. In the end, they will either leave in utter defeat or make history - joining the coveted ranks of Iron Chefs.
日期及時間: 10月14日起, 星期六,日 10:00pm
Just when you thought it was safe to walk past that old house or take a short cut through the cemetery... comes this deliciously scary series: Halloween Wars. Teams of cake decorators, candy makers and amazing pumpkin carvers will unite to prove they are the best, walk home with a big cash prize and scare our pants off with some of the most amazing horror tales... all made from cake, candy and pumpkins. Grab onto someone you love and bring your appetite, because the cold night of Halloween is about to get heated up.




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國際娛樂組合 1


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