Toonami is the ultimate home of the superhero. Packed with high-octane, top rating adventure series, Toonami is a dedicated destination for action and anime enthusiasts. Featured action franchises include Young Justice, Dragon Ball Z, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
Date: May 2, Weekends 9:30am
Be prepared for the siege, as the best Anime series on Toonami airing back-to-back. Packed with high-octane and top-rating shows, Anime Siege is dedicated destination for Anime enthusiasts aka Otakus. Featured shows include: Dragon Ball Z Kai, Beast Saga, BeyWarriors Beyraiderz, and Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy.
Date: May 2, Weekends 9:50am
There are worlds in which Beys other than Beywheelz exist! Sho, Jin, and Leon traveled from the world of the previous series of Beywheelz to a different world. There they discover a new type of Bey called Beyraiderz and begin to battle with them. Can Sho and his friends return the world to its former state?
Date: Weekends 11:00am
Somewhere far beyond our galaxy, a distant planet lies in the Galaxy of Beast. On this planet, animals have evolved in completely unique ways and have split into three new civilizations: the Land Tribe, the Sea Tribe, and the Sky Tribe. Each of the tribes protect an infinite elemental power source called Godlot. A great battle will cross tribal lines and bring about a new age!
Date: Weekends 8:45am
Having barely survived the attack of a giant sea monster, our heroes are stranded on an island again, which proves to be none other than Oma Island, their long-sought goal! It is time for Yugo to finally discover his family’s fate... but Fate still has a few surprises in store!
Date: Weekends 11:20am
After fighting for the future of football, the next goal is to be the world champions in the World Cup, where different schools will choose the best players. Here the new coach decides to choose only eleven members, but to their surprise only three of them know how to play football.

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