Toonami is the ultimate home of the superhero. Packed with high-octane, top rating adventure series, Toonami is a dedicated destination for action and anime enthusiasts. Featured action franchises include Young Justice, Dragon Ball Z, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
Date: Weekdays 5:45pm
A dedicated home for the most iconic and well-known Superheroes in the planet, featuring action-packed and over-the-top DC & Marvel shows such as Wolverine & the X-men, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes II, Teen Titans, Superman the Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, Green Lantern, and more!
Date: Weekends 9:30am
Be prepared for the siege, as the best Anime series on Toonami airing back-to-back. Packed with high-octane and top-rating shows, Anime Siege is dedicated destination for Anime enthusiasts aka Otakus. Featured shows include: Dragon Ball Z Kai, Beast Saga, BeyWarriors Beyraiderz, and Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy, and Yokai Watch.
Date: Weekends 10:15am
Join Keita with his Yokai Watch, Whisper and Jibanyan as they continue their quest in finding and meeting new Yokai friends along the way, encounter many mischievous Yokai around town and resolving the trouble they're causing. Don’t miss all the new episodes only on Toonami as part of Anime Siege!
Date: Aug 2 (Sun) 11:45am ; 6:30pm
Greedy King Gurumes destroys his kingdom with an insatiable hunger born of his maniacal quest to collect the cursed Blood Rubies! His only hope for survival lies in harnessing the wish-granting power of the seven magic Dragon Balls. Standing in his way are Goku, Bulma, Master Roshi, and a cast of unlikely allies who will join forces to prevent the king's sinister wish from being granted!
Date: Weekends 4:15pm
A weekend marathon of the best and most-iconic superheroes in the planet! The last son of the planet Krypton protects his adoptive home of Earth as the greatest of the superheroes-- Superman the Animated Series every Saturday! Batman, a crime-fighting vigilante of Gotham City, goes up against the underworld-- Beware the Batman every Sunday, don’t miss it!
Date: Weekdays 5:22pm
The kingdom of Thundera has been attacked by an army of Lizard people. The Thundercats are set on a quest to obtain the Book of Omens to help restore their kingdom's peace. The team will have to face numerous villains that stand in their way. With the Sword of Omens in Lion-O's possession, he'll be able to use its powers to fight off the evil that stands before him on his quest.

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