Toonami is the ultimate home of the superhero. Packed with high-octane, top rating adventure series, Toonami is a dedicated destination for action and anime enthusiasts. Featured action franchises include Young Justice, Dragon Ball Z, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
Date: Apr 19 Saturdays - Sundays 11:00am
Somewhere far beyond our own galaxy, a distant planet lies in the Galaxy of Beast. On this planet, animals have evolved in completely unique ways and have split into three new civilizations: the Land Tribe, the Sea Tribe, and the Sky Tribe.

Divine cubes known as Godlots can be found on this planet of beasts. Godlots are separated into the Head Parts, Body Parts, and Bottom Parts, and when all three are assembled together they grant great power to the one who wields them, but also bring disaster.

The Sea Tribe found balance safeguarding the Water Godlot, while the Sky Tribe’s Sora Kingdom uses the three Wind Godlots to power their floating city.

The Land King, Liogre, peacefully rules over Gloria Kingdom, where the Fire Godlot was separated and kept in three different locations. Now, however, ambition will ignite a battle over the Godlots, bringing danger to all the kingdoms.

A great battle over the Godlots will cross tribal lines and bring about a new age!

Date: Mondays - Fridays 6:30pm
Poissina of the Naiadi has devised a fiendish plan to tear the Earth Eleven’s team spirit apart by bringing Falco’s blackened, ugly Aethyr into conflict with the pure, unadulterated spirits of Arion and his other team-mates. The friends quickly concede a goal after the match begins, and every attempt they make to fight back is almost immediately shut down. Falco becomes more and more frustrated and angry as his attempts to break through the enemy’s defences continue to fail, and the pressure on him builds until, when his Aethyr can grow no blacker, he explodes with rage at his team-mates. But Arion and co.’s reaction isn’t quite what he expects... Finally at peace with the darkness within him, Falco takes a turn for the triumphant, and calls on his totem, the falcon, to help him send the equaliser slamming home!

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