HISTORY™專題介紹歷史有關節目,以客觀態度及趣味性手法,將人類過去、現在、 甚至未來片段呈獻給觀眾,造就歷史每一天。
日期及時間: 7月7日起, 逢星期六 9:55pm
Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Eight remarkable men who served in World War 11 and went on to become Commanders-in-Chief. This is the story of how their war experiences changed them, how they emerged from conflict as leaders, and how the crucible of war shaped the decisions they made when they ultimately reached the White House.
日期及時間: 7月18日起, 逢星期四 9:00pm
It's Season 5, and we're making it bigger. For starters, bigger and historic weapons, once reserved for round three, will now also be incorporated as round one weapons'and that's just the beginning! We will engage our audience with new and exciting challenges and tests as well as, for the first time, multi-episode arcs which will turn this weekly program into a television event! A vigorous 5-episode tournament features the best smiths from different metalworking genres battling for the biggest cash prize ever awarded on Forged in Fire. We'll also get out of the forge for some Forged in Fire firsts, including a grueling coal forge challenge which will see the smiths struggle to build their own coal forges before they even start forging. We will also introduce a slate of Special Themed episodes like never before. These episodes incorporate elements that commend everything from Halloween to Presidents Week. Finally, for the first time, Forged in Fire Season 5 expands its arsenal and explores weapons from pop culture and the historic weapons they are based on. New weapons and tests, bigger events and ingenious format twists around every corner make this season hotter than ever!
日期及時間: 7月21日 (星期日) 8:55pm
This one-hour special utilizes exclusive footage to bring audiences inside Air Force One like never before. Gripping archives paired with insider interviews will illuminate the hidden history of presidential flight and unveil the incredible history of America's most famous plane.
日期及時間: 7月2日起, 逢星期二 10:50pm
A time bomb's been quietly ticking in Southern Louisiana for the past 10 years and this season it's about to explode. The gator population has more than the region may soon be overrun with the vicious monsters
日期及時間: 7月3日起, 逢星期三 9:55pm
Off the coast of Nova Scotia is small island that's a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. What lies beneath Oak Island? Is it a pirate treasure, a Viking horde, or even a lost biblical relic? No one knows, and anyone who has tried to find out has encountered an unexpected problem: booby traps. This season, the Lagina brothers deploy technology like never before. This could be it, but there will be obstacles, including an old prophecy that predicts seven people will die before the treasure is found. The last time the brothers counted, the death toll was at six.







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